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About Us

Most of us have a similar story. 

You worked hard to get great at your technical role, the work you found challenging and rewarding. Then you looked up and thought something like, “I would be better off if I did this for myself” and started your own company. Your character, technical excellence, and reputation exerted a certain gravity on your network and you started to grow. You signed up some clients and hired employees. Your business started to really grow.

Then something stalled.

For reasons you may or may not understand, it got harder to grow. Maybe new opportunities seemed to stop appearing, or prospects harder to sign. Maybe clients started leaving as fast as you could sign them. Maybe good help just got too hard to find. All you know for sure is that you seem stuck in the mud. You need to find a way to reliably, and predictably acquire new revenue. 

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The next step in your Journey. 

Blue Skies

We Are 
Reclaiming Sales

That’s where my first client was when I started working there in 2015, although I started there not as a consultant, but as an employee on the sales team. A few SDR’s dialing for dollars, a BRD to qualify, and the CEO closed all the new clients. I was hired to be the first “full-cycle” salesperson on the team; responsible for everything from uncovering new prospects, to qualifying and closing new opportunities. I didn’t get company leads or referrals, I was given a fallow field to turn into a harvest. 

What I did get from the company was everything I needed to grow into someone who could look, sound, and sell like a business owner. In my first 3 years I sold more than one million dollars in recurring revenue, including the largest client in the company’s 15-year history. I had wonderful mentors, teachers, and accountability. I also had access to a team, so that I could practice what I was learning. In 7 years I helped them grow from $10 million to $30 million in revenue.

Bringing You

the Best

In 2021, I left that employer to start Reclaiming Sales. I wanted to help other business owners walk their own version of that story. There are several sales coaches and companies that will help a company grow from $0 to $2 million, but few that know how to grow to $10 million. Even fewer can help the Owner find their successor, someone who can represent the business to new prospects and lead a team of professional-quality salespeople that can reliably bring in new clients at the right price. 

If you’re looking for someone who can help you spin up a sales team that operates independently of the owner’s input and influence, please reach out today. I might be able to help. 

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