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You're in Sales, I'm Sorry...

Daniel H. Pink says that every one of us spends around 40% of our time at work in sales (persuading, influencing, and convincing others), even if "sales" isn't in our job title. If that's true, then it makes sense that you should probably be working on getting a little better each day. Here are three things you can do, starting right now:

1. Be More Like a Cat Curiosity isn't always bad. Expressing a genuine interest in people, especially strangers, tends to loosen up the conversation and you'll learn more than you would otherwise.

Assignment: Ask any stranger you meet where they got their shirt.

2. Phone (for) a Friend Everyone hates cold calling because they feel selfish when doing it. But if you called a client/prospect/stranger and asked if they need something that someone else does (maybe a referral partner), then you're just doing a friend a favor.

Assignment: Call someone and ask them if they need the service your friend provides.

3. Fake Read a Book You know that sales book you were recommended but know you'll never read? ChatGPT will happily give you an interactive summary.

Assignment: Go to ChatGPT and ask: "Give me a 1,000 word summary of {book name}." If you can't think of any, I'm happy to recommend a couple.

Remember, if you aren't moving forward then you're sliding back. Sales is a perishable skill, and practicing the craft is what makes you good at it!

Is there anything that's not quite working for you when it comes to sales? It could be something deep within the gears of your organization, or maybe just something deep in your head and heart. If you aren't happy with the way things are going now, then the summer is a great time to take a look at the plan. Changes are easier to make while lots of your prospects are on vacation.


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