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Get 100 Referrals a Year From Your Professional Network

Everyone knows that referrals make the best clients. What you are looking at is my living overview of what I call my Sweet 16 strategy. I've used this process to sell millions in MSP services, build my coaching business, and grow the MSP Dojo. If you have questions, please feel free to ask. I'm also open to sharing any ideas you'd like to add to the process. Good luck!

The Sweet 16 Presentation

The lockdown resulting from the COVID pandemic, broke traditional networking. For the most part, professional networking was a function of just showing up in the right room. The post-COVID landscape requires a more strategic approach to networking. I started consulting with other professionals about my process in 2021, and eventually built this presentation for my Provisors group. Here is the basic Idea.

Sweet 16 Presentation

Sweet 16 Presentation

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How can I raise the quality of my relationship with this person?

At the heart of this process is developing a relationship with the right people. People do business with other people. Even if the business has a great reputation, people will almost always prefer to talk to a specific person at that company. Building and maintaining a relationship with other professionals is the best (if not only) way to get those referrals.

Here is the HOW:
The, uh... 4 Love Languages


I guess it shouldn't be a huge surprise that we get advice on how to have great relationships from books on marriage, but it somehow still leaves people a little confused. I would however recommend staying away from at least ONE of those remaining 4 love languages, unless you're looking for a different kind of result. Here is a running list of ways I've been able to leverage those love languages in a business context to build better referral partners. 

  • Thank you cards

  • LinkedIn Praise

  • Encouraging emails

  • Praise them to others (word gets around)

  • What I love about you

  • Give Referrals

  • COI Introductions

  • Joint Webinar or other marketing

  • Bring them into a professional circle

  • Send them a nice book you read

  • Send cookies in their name

  • No one hates a nice bottle of wine or spirits

  • 1-on-1 (lunch, zoom, etc.)

  • Volunteer together

  • Does not need to be “professional”

There's more
to it...

You may find everything you need to be successful on this page, but if you're still having trouble there's much more to the process:

  • Who are the people you should be working with?

  • Where will you find them?

  • How do you get them to pay attention to you?

  • How can you tell the "givers" from the "takers?"

  • How do you activate referral partners so they actually refer you?

  • How do you use your existing network to upgrade to a better one?

If you still need the answers to these questions, it might be worth getting your hands on the whole program. Please feel free to email me or schedule a time for us to talk. I will be well worth your while.

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