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You Don’t Need to
Sell Your Soul to
Be Successful



Of sales reps take 10 months or longer to become productive enough to contribute to company goals


Of salespeople are unable to achieve their sales goal in their first year, and over half will not make it through a second year


Of prospects say they are dissatisfied with the salespeople they meet, and it damages their opinion of the company


Of people in sales never intended to sell for a living, and are working in the role by accident

Fractional VP of Sales

Even seasoned business owners and sales people need someone to hold them accountable and help them define their strategy. We’ll get you focused on the right activities, develop a plan for getting more opportunities, and work them successfully through your pipeline.

Owner Cloner Process

Business to business, service-based companies are often started by incredible, talented individuals. They gain clients and employees that are drawn to their vision and excellence. But at some point they need to pass the torch to someone else, and establish a sales department that can consistently bring in new client revenue; independent of the business owner’s input and influence.


Most companies lose opportunities they should be winning because they walk into sales meetings cold and rusted. You’ll never be successful if the only time you practice is in front of your prospect. Drilling your sales techniques in a low-risk environment means you’ll be better prepared for the real opportunities.

Hard Truths Don't
Always Have Hard Solutions


Reclaiming Sales was born out of a desire to guide Business owners like you to not just reach but surpass the $10 million mark. Our mission? To craft a robust sales team that operates seamlessly, almost autonomously, fostering an environment that produces top-tier sales professionals adept at securing clients at the right price. Reach out to begin the transformation — because with Reclaiming Sales, the sky isn’t the limit, it’s just the beginning.


"Robert has been a long-time member of Provisors, and really is a valued member of our community. Whenever I open a new group, the leaders often ask him to come present and train their members. Robert is very professional, confident, and a fantastic coach; a true asset to our members."

— Ian Burditt



Robert is a seasoned professional with diverse skills in business development. He's mastered the art of the close and referral networking. He parallels this commitment to professions like law and accounting, highlighting that salespeople must embody the same level of dedication and skill as executives to be compensated at an executive level.

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